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Ultimate is a great game to play.  Ultimate combines elements of soccer, football and basketball in a fast-paced game, played with a frisbee, where everyone is a quarterback and everyone is a receiver.

There is a group of people at the Roseville site that play a pick-up game MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS at noon on the fields near the pavilion at the Southwest corner of the site.
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We welcome anyone, whether you are a beginner or experienced player.  When you come to play please bring a white shirt and a dark shirt since you may have to play on either team.  Also, if you have a pair of cleats you'll want to wear them.

Sign-up to play today When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a frisbee.
... Stancil Johnson
For those not familiar with the game, it is a highly aerobic, non-contact sport (less contact than soccer and basket ball), well suited to co-ed play.   Two teams compete to score goals by completing a pass in the opposing team's endzone.  The disc can only be advanced by completing passes (i.e. you can't run with the disc).  The only thing needed to play the game are a disc and a rectangular field to play on.  The rules are quite simple, making it very easy to learn.  You can find more details about Ultimate, including the simple rules  from the Ultimate Player's Association.  Have a look at these tips for new players also.

Frisbee Links

Want to know how a frisbee flies? Check out The Flight of the Frisbee.

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With the great weather we have in Roseville we generally play year-round... skipping a day only if it is too rainy.  However, with our busy schedules here at HP there are days when can't get a quorum together.  So if you are planning to play on a particular day it is always a good idea to put your name on the sign-up page.  That way we'll know whether we have enough for a game.
A NOTE ABOUT THE SIGN-UP PAGE:  You should add your name to the form on the day you plan to play, and before 11am.  At 11:05 the form will send mail to the mailing list announcing whether there is a game on for the day or not.  Each night the form is automatically cleared.
To have your name added to the mailing list let me know (that is the way you will get confirmation of whether there is a game on when you sign-up to play).

Ultimate Comes Highly Recommended for Runners

For you runners that are bored with your running routine, but feel like you just can't skip a day of training, a respected running magazine recommended Ultimate as an excellent cross-training vehicle since it develops muscles not normally used in straight-line running, thus helping to avoid injuries.